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Seeing Things in a New Light

Creative.  Fact-based.  Non-consensus.  Insightful.  These are just a few terms that have been used to describe our work.  Take a look at some examples below where we looked at things a little differently and delivered valuable insight.  

Our Approach

Our work has included projects - including conceptual, financial, and organizational - for these companies and organizations: 

What We do


Business Planning

Do you have an investable business plan?  We enjoy helping inventors and investors solidify their ideas and concepts, allowing them to understand the business opportunities and move forward.  New product development?  We understand; we've been there.  Whether it's challenging the status quo or defining a new a status quo, this is about helping you think big, helping you turn your new idea into a new business that creates -- and captures -- value. 

Investment Research

Our investment research has always been known for in-depth industry knowledge, data, and realistic consideration of uncertainty. What if? We understand that it's your decision to invest.  We want you to have confidence in that investment decision. 

Investor Relations & Positioning

This is not about trendy presentation templates.  We leverage the experience we've gained during hundreds of face-to-face meetings with institutional and private investors to help you communicate your company's growth opportunities, resource requirements, and plans in context that makes sense to them. 

Market Assessment

We look beyond existing market data to uncover drivers of change in an industry.  For example, identifying potential customers is useful; understanding those customers' economics is insightful.  We also incorporate external forces like government policy, commodity prices, new technology, investment environment, and others. 

Executive or Advisory Roles

Whether in an advisory role to a company board or as a member of the executive team, we provide external perspective with unbiased information without any personal agenda. 

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